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Next Financing seminar and networking event will be in Boston, December 15, 2016

Also – see info on the 2 Day Sales and Networking Event immediately preceding the Financing seminar here

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Bob / Mike,

I needed to leave yesterday’s program a bit early and, therefore, did not complete your evaluation form.  My reaction:

Before partnering with my brother in the food business a couple of years ago (Falafel Republic), my experience included private equity (non-food), corporate law, and, early on, public accounting.  As a CPA, I am required to have at least 40 hours of continuing education each year.  Inasmuch as I have been complying with this requirement for some 30 years, I am seasoned at distinguishing the great, from the good, from the less good, when it comes to seminars.

I think that yesterday’s program may have been the best single-day program I have attended in my 30+ years of attending such programs.  The quality, content and delivery of the subject matter were superb.  The breadth of subject matter and the pace of coverage were just right.  The speakers were informative, pragmatic and, when not genuinely entertaining, sufficiently animated to hold the attention of even the worst of us ADD sufferers.  On the few occasions that my cell phone required me to exit the meeting room, I felt cheated.  The comfort and hospitality afforded by Nixon Peabody was both conducive and appreciated.

Finally, your evaluation form requested comment on the cost of the program.  When I initially signed-up for the program, I believed the cost for 8 hours to be excessive.  After having attended the program I feel confident in saying that the value derived exceeded the cost of entry by healthy margin.

Well done!  Thank you.

All the best,