Natural Products Field Manual, Eighth Edition

By Bob Burke and Rick McKelvey with over 60 industry experts, was first published in February, 2002. The Eighth Edition was completely updated, revised, and expanded July, 2018.

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The Ultimate Natural Products Guide

A comprehensive, 45 chapter, 4 volume guide on "how to go to market" with insightful commentary and guest editorials by notable buyers, brokers, CEO's and industry experts.


Digital Toolkit for Natural Entrepreneurs

Flash drive with natural products stores, directories of brokers and distributors, budget models, new item forms, PR Media list, customer logos and much more.

Save with Over $100,000 with Coupons

Potentially $100,000 savings on services you can use – research, recruitment, sales, category management, marketing, product development and more from industry leading service providers. .


Includes a Complimentary Consultation

 Glean more insight directly applicable to your business by taking advantage of our complimentary half-day author consulting session with purchase of the manual.

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Comprehensive chapters on:

Strategic Planning
Off-sites and Meetings
Margins & Pricing
Budgeting & Planning
Database Marketing
Contract Manufacturing
Social Media/New Product Intros
Trade Promotion

Industry Overview
Mass Market Natural
Consumer Promotion
Private Label
Natural Consumer
Broker Management
Consumer Advertising
Sales Organization

Food Service
UK Market
Trade Shows
Going Deep in NY

Events Marketing
Natural Retailers
Trade Funds Mgmt
Category Mgmt
Canadian Mkt
Natural Distributors
Trade Organizations
Market Research

About the Co-Author, Rick McKelvey

Bob Burke & Rick McKelvey collaborated with over 60 leading CEO’s, retailers, distributors, brokers and industry experts to produce the landmark Natural Products Field Manual. In 2003 we launched companion publications: “Staking Out Space on the Supermarket Shelf” and “The Sales Manager’s Handbook“. Subsequent editions followed, each one expanded, enhanced and enriched as we met and worked with experts who could add their experience and insights with new topics such as supply chain, social media, eCommerce as well as additional insights to complex issues such as trade spending management. In 2016 we launched the updated and expandedNatural Products Field Manual, 7th Edition.

Rick brings over thirty years of experience within the natural products industry. Over the past several years he has served in an outsourced sales and marketing capacity. Currently, the bulk of his time is spent in the role of V.P. of Sales and Marketing for O’Doughs, a gluten free bread and sweet goods brand based in Toronto, Canada. Over his seven years with the Company, Rick has built national distribution in both retail and food service throughout North America.  Additionally, Rick serves as a sales and management advisor to emerging companies.

Prior to the outsource roles, Rick served as president of The Natural Pasta Company, DBA Putney Pasta.  Under Rick’s direction, Putney Pasta transitioned from self-manufacturing to a co-pack model and expanded from a regional frozen-filled pasta manufacturer to a national footprint with the launch of the first line of all-natural frozen skillet meals. 

Prior to Putney Pasta, Rick was Director of Sales for Fairfield Farm Kitchens where he spent five years launching over 40 frozen organic entrees and fresh organic soups. The company emerged as the #1 national brand of organic meat-based entrees and organic fresh soup with annual sales of $6 million. Fairfield Farm Kitchens was sold to Blue Marble Foods, the branded division of UNFI, Inc.

Rick’ early years were spent as Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Lightlife Foods, Inc. He joined the husband and wife-run business as its first Sales Manager at less than $1 million in sales. Rick’s creation and implementation of growth plans resulted in the profitable expansion of sales to $25 million, and eventual sale to Con Agra Foods. Under Rick’s leadership, Lightlife became the number one fresh meatless company (vegetarian hot dogs, luncheon “meats,” sausages, etc.), with nationwide distribution through natural product outlets. Rick also successfully navigated the “cross-over” of the brand into the supermarket trade nationally, becoming the top-selling fresh meatless brand in the U.S. Rick also led the company’s efforts in Lightlife’s food service, private label, and international business.

Rick has served on the board of Vermont Smoke and Cure, as president of the Soyfoods Association of North America, in the community as board member of his local Y.M.C.A. and has served several executive positions within his church. Rick is also co-founder with Bob of the G.E.N.A. Share Group and holds an MBA from the Isenberg School of Management. He lives in Conway, MA, where he cherishes his family time with his wife of 30 years, Lynn, and his children, Matthew and Meaghan.

If you would like to contact Rick directly, please send me an email at rmckelvey@npcinstitute.com.


“With most companies spending 15-20% of sales in trade spending (allowances, slotting, trade shows, demos, trade ads, brokerage, etc.) — any percentage in savings or spending the money more wisely more than pays for the book — the coupons make it a slam-dunk.”

– Paul Nardone, former President/CEO, Annie’s Homegrown, Inc.

"The Natural Products Field Guide and especially Bob's advice has played a key role in our success here at Saffron Road.”

—Adnan Durrani, Founder/CHO, Saffron Road

“The challenges of managing a fast-growing company are numerous – but in many areas there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Bob’s guidance and the accompanying Field Guide have been invaluable to Theo, enabling us to quickly gain an understanding of distribution strategy and trade spend, as well as how to intelligently distinguish our business in an increasingly competitive category.”

—Debra Music, Co-founder/CMO, Theo Chocolate

“I told Bob and Rick that they are crazy to be selling the Field Manual for less than $5,000. If we had this when we were starting out, we would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

– Heather Howitt, Founder, Oregon Chai, Inc.

“The single greatest cost that any entrepreneur incurs is the “Learning Curve.” It can make you, break you, or sentence you to a slow, tortuous death. Bob’s and Rick’s Natural Products Field Manual will absolutely cut this cost in half, if not eliminate it altogether. I only wish I’d had a copy 19, or even 2, years ago. If the Natural Products Field Manual doesn’t save your firm tens of thousands of dollars, or garner you many more thousands in revenues, then save yourself the trouble and close your business. The problem lies with you, not the authors. This compendium is an invaluable gem.”

– Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, President/CEO/Chairman

“We are not just talking about 4 volumes, 44 chapters, a flash drive of databases, coupons and some consulting time but the potential to grow rich beyond the dreams of avarice.”

–Dr. Samuel Johnson, author of A Dictionary of the English Language and A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland

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