Sales & Marketing

We provide assistance in strategic planning, budgeting and pricing, trade programs, sales and marketing plans, building distribution, broker selection and management, engagement of contract sales management firms, organizational development, category management, mentoring for sales managers, facilitating sales meetings and off sites, key account programs, sales and P&L reporting systems and analysis, exploring export initiatives. While we work mainly with natural, organic and specialty gourmet products, we have extensive experience across most channels and classes of trade.

Business Plans and Growth Strategies

These include traditional business plans for raising capital as well as more detailed roadmaps geared to management teams seeking to bring their businesses to the next level. It’s a comprehensive process that starts with taking stock of the business today and then making recommendations on distribution growth, high priority distributors and retailers, upgrading the broker network if necessary, velocity growth, pricing and programs, building out the team, brand building activities, new products, and margin improvement – all outlined in specific detail to your business and flowing into a 3 year, bottoms up sales plan.

US Market Entry Strategies

Work with international companies seeking to enter the US market with assistance is sizing the market, understanding competition and category dynamics, pricing, trade and consumer marketing investments, recommend and make introductions to brokers, importers, distributors and retailers. Full business plans and launch plans available. Have done in-country education programs and market readiness work with individual companies for: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board), New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Australia (as part of the Naturally Good Expo and Trade Investment Queensland) The Quebec Delegation, Agrifoods Canada and Sopexa (France). Have spoken on food and beverage trends and entering the US market at trade events in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.

Training and Seminars

We provide in-house or offsite location training on: understanding the US natural, organic and specialty products market, broker management, budgeting and planning, pricing and margins, optimizing promotional programs, trade spending management, negotiation, communication skills, effective sales calls, and all other topics covered in the Natural Products Field Manual. We also produce popular sales and marketing seminars for companies bringing natural and specialty products to market as well as those raising capital. For more information on seminars, please click here.

No Armchair Consulting

Work in the field with your sales managers and brokers and make customer calls and introductions wherever appropriate. Also participate in board meetings as a guest/observer to provide perspective to directors and investors. 

Nuts & Bolts

In addition we can assist across the full range of strategic, financial, organizational and operational issues and opportunities.

Organization and Compensation Structure

Can offer advice and recommendations on organizational structure and comp programs for boards, advisory boards, senior executives and sales and marketing staff.

Strategic Options, Private Equity, VC and Venture Strategy Group Consulting

Offers assistance in valuations, mergers and acquisitions as well as through relationships with leading industry investment advisors and bankers. Also, assist investors and strategic buyers on identifying target companies along with due diligence ranging from an audit of sales and marketing initiatives, reputation in trade, assessment of position in the category, growth prospects, competitive advantage and overall color commentary beyond that divined by an examination of financial statements and sales data.

Executive Coaching

Confidential sounding board to founders, CEO’s and senior managers offering solutions concerning growth strategy, professional development, board and key organizational issues.

Leadership Development

Help growing companies, family businesses and others strengthen their senior team, clarify goals and objectives, structure meaningful compensation plans, and make the transition to a performance and results based organization while preserving the shared values, purpose and unique culture of the company.


Will help polish business plans, proposals, presentations and critical memos. Can pressure-test key assumptions, build on narrative, contribute to the overall product.

Sales Audit/One Day Growth Plan/Workshop

This is a popular service whereby I provide a basic info request and general growth plan agenda, the client provides information on their business that is readily available and refines the agenda according to their current priorities, and then we spend about a day together. The day involves some pre-work and post work by me and usually about 5-6 hours in person. The result is a solid 6-12 month action plan that outlines specific steps that will move your business forward. Typical topics include: determining growth objectives, pricing and trade programs, broker management and upgrades, margin improvement, brand building activities, distribution growth, private label opportunities, staff development, exit strategies and more.